Take part in our Call for Papers!

The Call for Papers is now over. We have received over 280 submissions this year. Thanks to everyone for taking part and shaping the Codemotion program, you are amazing! Our program committee is working its way through your abstracts at the moment, putting together an exciting agenda this year!

If you missed Call for Papers, but are a part of a tech community, make sure to take part in our Call for Communities and get a chance to speak at a Community Stage during Codemotion Berlin.


The third edition of this year’s Codemotion Berlin takes place at Kulturbrauerei Berlin on October 12 & 13.

Potential Codemotion Berlin speakersare now invited to submit innovative proposals ranging from mobile to UX, DevOps, Clouds, big data, GameDev, security, methods, languages, web to Internet of things as well as AI. With more than 280 abstracts in 2016 we are looking forward to your submissions!

One of our main aims is to encourage as many great minds as possible to participate in our Call for Papers, so we are also looking for first time speakers!

The conference language is English. All talks will be reviewed in an anonymous process by our program committee. Examples of possible topics include:

  • Frontend: JavaScript Frameworks: Angular, Node.js, React; HTML, CSS, Performance, DevOps, UX design, User interfaces and usability for mobile applications and systems
  • Back-end: Security, Databases, Content Management Systems, algorithms
  • DevOps: Tools, processes, quality assurance, containers, microservices, virtualization
  • Mobile & Apps: smart devices, access control, privacy policies for mobile users, privacy enhancing technologies and protocols for mobile devices, end-to-end security, mobile and cloud devices and applications management, mobile gaming and VR gaming
  • Languages: C#, PHP, F#, Visual Basic, JavaScript, TypeScript, Swift, CSS, Python, Java, JavaPHP, Clojure, CoffeeScript, Ruby, Scala, Haskell, etc.
  • GameDev/ VR: contents are invted to all aspects of GameDev: not just in terms of coding, but also design, graphics, music and sfx, marketing and business. Other topics could be: Virtual reality-based therapies (phobias, depression, etc), serious games (creation, deployment, and usage for training), gamification, game theory, cognitive psychology, artistic game and character design, storytelling and natural language processing, developing novel video games, game cultures, gender and games
  • Big Data, Cloud and Politics: Tools, frameworks and mechanisms for data analytics: big data algorithms, applications and services, big data mining and analytics, big data processing and querying, cloud and big data for Internet of Things (IoT), government and industrial experiences for cloud and big data, big data analytics, machine learning algorithms and scalable/parallel/distributed algorithms, and computing for the IoT
  • Security: Identity management, access control, privacy policies, privacy enhancing technologies and protocols, end-to-end security, encryption
  • Reactive Programming: React ecosystem such as ReactJS, React Native, GraphQL, Relay, Universal apps, Webpack, inline CSS or Bacon.js, RxJS, RxJava, ReactiveCocoa
  • Agile & Lean: Agile approaches to requirements gathering, testing, release management and deployment; Agile sustainability, evolution and revolution; Combining lean and agile methods for software development; Conflicts in agile & lean teams; Lean and agile coaching; Tools and techniques for lean and agile development; Experiments, case studies, and experience reports related to all of the above topics
  • Software Architectures: Methods, Models, Tools
  • Innovation: SmartCities, Robots, Cyborgs, new technologies and languages
  • Motivational: How to be more productive, Solving typical developers problems

What do you need to do to submit your paper?

1. Register as a speaker here
2. Fill in your personal information as required
3. Hand in a “New Paper”, choose the eve
nt “Berlin 2017
4. Abstract
s are limited to 600 characters (Keep it simple)
5. Choose the level of your talk (
beginner – intermediate – advanced)
6. Choose the length of your talk (20 minutes <–> 4
0 minutes)
7. Choose a topic (see topic list above)

The deadline for our Call for Papers is June 15, 2017, 23:59 CET. After our program committee has reviewed all talks, you will benotified via email.

If you need more information regarding the Call for Papers, please feel free to contact us at  berlin@codemotionworld.com

Photo: cc-by-sa 2.0 Ania Sudbin

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