Announcing our Game showcase and GameDev/VR stream

Since the first edition of Codemotion, in 2011, Game Development has always been an important focus of the convention, with an entire day of talks and a dedicated showcase area.

In this year’s edition of Codemotion, as well as a GameDev/VR stream, we are happy to announce a Game showcase presented by

  • Game showcase is part of new Game () presented by new Game () is the Codemotion brand dedicated to Game Development that aims to contribute to Game Development by delivering high-level content about every aspect of GameDev: not just coding, but also design, graphics, music and sfx, and marketing and business.

We are proud and happy to collaborate with who, since 2015, have provided a platform to promote all types of local game-related activities with a focus on video games.

Codemotion is an international conference and we strongly believe in the value of network organization and sharing ideas. new Game() wants to be a link to connect developers, not only in Europe but also worldwide.

GameDev/VR at Codemotion Berlin 2017

         Track talks:

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