Announcing our first keynote – Santiago Siri!


We are very happy to announce the first keynote for Codemotion Berlin – Santiago Siri!

Santiago Siri is a founder of Democracy Earth Foundation, a Y Combinator-backed non-profit incorruptible digital governance for small and large communities and an open source and democratic solution to online voting. To ensure liquid democracy in his home country Argentina, Santiago co-founded Partido de la Red (the Net Party) in 2012 which was the first digital political party to run for elections. An advocate for Bitcoin exchange, Siri is a partner of, the largest Bitcoin fintech company in Argentina. He is an author of ‘Hacktivismo’, a 2015 publication that evangelizes the virtues of the Net and explains how to make this powerful weapon of transformation available to everyone.

In addition to his work for Democracy Earth Foundation Santiago is an avid game designer and co-founded Argentine Game Developers Association in 2001. He is a member of the World Economic Forum and regularly contributes in radio and television.

For his keynote Santiago will talk about Killing the Big Brother!

Santiago Siri has been an advocate for the decentralized digital democracy for over a decade and is currently working on a paper dedicated to the subject. In his keynote ”Killing the Big Brother” Santiago will talk about the importance of building new models for democratic governance that enable humanity to collaborate and address global issues in transparency. He will introduce Democracy Earth foundation and elaborate on how to fight the uneven distribution of opportunity around the globe by building free, open source software for incorruptible voting for organizations of all sizes to establish a true democratic governance for the Internet age.

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