Call for Papers

Codemotion Berlin speakers tailor disruptive proposals ranging from mobile to UX, devops, cloud, big data, gamedev, security, methods, languages, web to Internet of things (Reihenfolge). After more than 280 abstracts in 2016 we are looking forward to your submissions. We are also looking for first time speakers, since we want to encourage as many great minds as possible to participate in our Call for Papers. The third edition of this year’s Codemotion Berlin takes place from on October 12 & 13 at Kulturbrauerei Berlin.

The conference language is 100% English. All talks will be reviewed by our program committee.
We are looking forward to your ideas related to the following topics:

  • Backend
  • Mobile
  • Languages
  • Devops
  • Security
  • Reactive Programming
  • Agile & Lean
  • Cloud/ Big Data
  • Architectures
  • Innovation
  • Motivational
  • AI/ Machine Learning/ Chatbots
  • Game Dev/ VR

What do you need to do to submit your paper?

1. Register as a speaker here
2. Fill in your personal information as required
3. Hand in a “New Paper”, choose the event “Berlin 2017”
4. Abstract is limited to 600 characters (Keep it simple)
5. Choose the level of your talk (Beginner – Intermediate – Advanced)
6. Choose the length of your talk (20 minutes <–> 4o minutes)
7. Choose a topic (see topic list above)

The deadline for our Call for Papers is June 1, 2016, 23:59 CET. After our program committee has reviewed all talks, you will get further notice via mail a couple of weeks later.

If you need more information regarding the Call for Papers, please feel free to contact us via

PS: You just thought about handing in a talk but have some doubts or questions? Get in touch with us – we do our best to have you on board!